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Attorney David A. LaPointe provides legal services for:
Attorney LaPointe is the sole proprietor of the LaPointe Law Office focusing his practice on  divorce/family law, OUI/criminal defense, estate law and personal injury.   As your attorney, Attorney LaPointe will provide you with a competent and vigorous legal representation throughout the duration of your case.  While he cannot guarantee you a particular outcome, he can guarantee you that he will work very hard on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.  Whether being charged with a crime, filing for a divorce or custody, preparing an estate plan, or going up against an insurance company for a wrongful injury, you can rest assured knowing that Attorney LaPointe is on your side.
Why Attorney LaPointe? 
Results:  Attorney LaPointe is best known for his exceptional results as a negotiator and trial litigator.
Client-centered services:  He attributes his success to a client-centered, communicative style, plus a well-rounded background. 
Experience:  Before opening his law practice, Attorney LaPointe worked in a variety of career fields, giving him real-world experience to benefit him and his clients in the courtroom. As a former teacher, assistant to the mayor in the City of Gardner, civilian police officer and active-duty U.S. Army and National Guard Army reserve soldier, his life experiences give him a significant advantage.
Personal:  As a parent and member of a large, close-knit family, Attorney LaPointe values the concerns of personal, family and community safety, security, relationships, and protecting your rights.
Confidentiality:  In harmony with his personal compassion, Attorney LaPointe maintains the utmost confidentiality of his clients.  Having grown up in the small town of Winchendon, Massachusetts, he greatly values the importance of privacy and trust.
Affordability:  With a goal of giving back to his community, Attorney LaPointe provides his professional legal services at very reasonable rates and offers discounts to seniors, military veterans and active military.